Always call 911 in an emergency

Skilled hands. Cool heads. Caring hearts.

Our Community’s Backstop

No matter what, you trust us to be there when you need it.

Our Organization

  • Operates three state-of-the-art ambulances
  • Is professionally staffed, 24/7/365 with 49 dedicated EMTs and Paramedics
  • Provides opportunities for our community youth to explore careers in public safety & healthcare
  • Offers monthly training and education for the public and healthcare professionals alike
  • Is a regional leader in clinical excellence
  • Relies heavily on patient insurance to sustain basic operations

Provide Reliable Help When You Need It

Competent. Dependable. Resilient.

These are the three things that you’ve come to expect from us above all else, and we’re proud to deliver on these principles every day.

Our ability to provide on these principles relies heavily on being able to provide our staff with equitable wages, benefits and opportunities for continuing education.

With 48% of our service fees classified as uncollectible due to federal / state regulations, we must continue to innovate to maintain a desirable work environment. Attracting and retaining top talent in our field is a necessary priority to ensuring that you receive the best possible care in your time of need.

Empower Our Next Generation of Givers

Sustainability largely depends on a sustainable workforce.

By providing our youth with opportunities to discover careers in public safety and healthcare and exposing them to the day-to-day of our work before they’re pressured to make career decisions, we’re able to showcase a very rewarding career path that many would not typically consider.

The opportunities also teach a number of life skills and lessons that are invaluable in many other areas of life.

These opportunities are only able to be funded because of our fiscal thrift, so private support of this programming is imperative to it’s long-term success.

Be The Community Partner You Need

We strive to be more than a reactive service that responds to your call for help.

We also provide a complimentary loan closet consisting of crutches, canes, walkers and wheelchairs to help facilitate the visit of a loved one, bridge a post-surgical recovery, or even provide mobility tools that are necessitated by normal aging.

We’ve also previously teamed up with Monroe County to provide in-home COVID testing and vaccine administration to those who were unable to make it to a testing site or vaccine clinic.

We’re currently working through several key partnerships that will facilitate coordination for non-ambulance patient needs, more widespread CPR / AED education, and recruitment / education of new EMTs.

Help Us By Making an Investment in Our Community

Your tax-deductible donation helps us provide excellent, competent, timely and reliable care around the clock and opportunities and partnerships for a better tomorrow.

Pittsford Volunteer Ambulance, Inc | EIN: ‍23‑7100977

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