“Getting vaccinated goes beyond just you…”

Feb 15, 2021

PVA members have been and continue to participate in Monroe County COVID initiatives, treat those infected and help stop the spread of the COVID virus. To date, 96% of our Paramedics, EMTs, and administrative staff have received COVID vaccinations. Even once vaccinated, we continue to use PPE and follow recommended safety practices, to ensure the maximum safety for our patients and our community, and support the safety and unwavering reliability of our PVA team. We are doing our part to stay healthy, so we can help those who need our care.

Many of our practitioners – including Victoria Ritzel – are dual-credentialed, and work in multiple healthcare settings. Here are some thoughts from Victoria on vaccinations:

“As both an EMT and a RN in the COVID ICU, I see every dimension of this virus. COVID-19 is taking a toll on everyone, not to mention preventing so many of us from hugging our loved ones, something we often used to take for granted. COVID is real and although it may seem like such a small act, getting vaccinated goes beyond just you. Sure, your body is building up little antibodies to protect you from the virus, but it’s also helping the thousands of people you may come into contact with. By building immunity and stopping the spread of the virus you are aiding in its eradication.

As an RN and as Health and Safety officer for PVA, I want to emphasize the safety of vaccination. Although the COVID vaccines were developed and approved for emergency use, it is safe and certainly was not hastily developed. Proper procedures and standards still are upheld for the safety of all of us. I encourage everyone who is eligible to get the vaccine, because we are all in this together.”

– Victoria Ritzel, RN,
PVA EMT, Health and Safety Officer