COVID Pandemic Information

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Our Experiences

PVA members have been and continue to participate in Monroe County COVID initiatives, treat those infected and help stop the spread of the COVID virus. To date, 96% of our Paramedics, EMTs, and administrative staff have received COVID vaccinations. Even once vaccinated, we continue to use PPE and follow recommended safety practices, to ensure the maximum safety for our patients and our community, and support the safety and unwavering reliability of our PVA team. We are doing our part to stay healthy, so we can help those who need our care.

Many of our practitioners are dual-credentialed, and work in multiple healthcare settings. Here are some thoughts on vaccinations from two of our EMTs, who also work in the hospital setting:

Victoria Ritzel
Anita Balaji

Information from Verifiable Sources

“We encourage you to seek out verifiable information. Misinformation is as dangerous as not following other health recommendations.”

– Jon Smith, Director of Operations

Helping at Testing Sites & Vaccine Centers

Paramedics and EMTs from many Monroe County ambulance services are also working in COVID-19 testing sites and vaccine clinics; included are Paramedics and EMTs from PVA. read more >>

PVA recently offered support for the FEMA-operated vaccine POD at the former Hawkeye facility. read more >>

Community Paramedicine: Homebound COVID-19 Vaccinations

PVA is proud to be one of the few ambulance services in Monroe County to participate in homebound COVID-19 vaccination efforts; we are vaccinating qualifying residents within the Pittsford, Perinton, Penfield, and East Rochester communities. read more >>

Helpful Resources

Informational and Educational Resources for COVID Vaccine >>

The Finger Lakes Region Vaccine Hub includes information on Getting Your Vaccine, Safety and Efficacy, 7 Things to Know, and the Science behing vaccine works and how our region helped.

Cartoon for COVID Vaccine (educational video for kids) >>

How does a vaccine go from an idea into reality? This video, inspired by Schoolhouse Rock’s iconic “I’m Just a Bill” cartoon, explains the steps through Phase 3 clinical trials — and shows how a hypothetical vaccine against COVID-19 gets developed.

Keeping Our Community Safe

Often unnoticed, an army of Public Health, Public Safety, and Emergency Management personnel are working tirelessly to support the health and safety of our communities. These folks are supported every day by people from every community, and from every walk of life, who have stepped up to help in a time of need. We’re extremely fortunate to have the support of our communities – or friends and neighbors – who work alongside us with unwavering dedication.

It will be some time before we see post-COVID normalization in our society. It is our sincere hope that when we return to normal, we never forget those who have stepped up in the midst of a crisis to help us all. If you know someone who is helping to support the many COVID initiatives in our area, please join us in thanking these amazing folks for their time and exceptionalism!

For now, we encourage you to talk now with your Primary Care Physician, and your family about COVID-19 vaccination. Become informed through reliable sources, and be ready! When you are eligible to receive the vaccine, we encourage all eligible to receive the vaccine. Please continue to do your part – wear a mask, wash your hands, maintain physical distance. Through diligence and education, we’ll win this fight.